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Pinnacle Regional Centers (PRC) are wholly owned subsidiaries of PFS Equity, LLC (PFS) whose parent company is Progressive Funding Solutions, LLC. PFS was founded to serve individuals and companies seeking funding for projects that may not meet the requirements of traditional financing.


At the heart of PFS is our passion to recognize our clients’ needs and provide sound solutions to fill those needs.  Pinnacle Regional Centers fulfills PFS’s mission by specializing in matching foreign investors with desired projects within the United States using USCIS’s EB-5 Visa program. We use conservative formulas for the projects to provide better success in fulfilling the job requirements to get your application approved.


Our resolution is to provide investor support throughout the application, investment, and relocation process. Pinnacle Regional Centers manage your immigration status from completion and submission of the initial application to obtaining your permanent non-conditional resident card. Our strategic partners offer help with banking, housing, social networks, schools, and many more needs here in the United States.


We are pleased to serve you and offer our expertise during your exciting venture!


 Call us at (817) 529-0544 to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals.

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